What We Do

What We Do




With our fast-paced world, people demand everything right away and without a lot of hassle. One way to get your message across simply is through corporate video production. People can easily understand the point you are trying to convey while still being entertained.


Freelance (subcontracting)

Does your company need another company to film a project? Whether you are out of state, too far away, unavailable, or simply cannot film. We'd be happy to film your project for you. Our crew here at Media Works pride themselves as being dependable, friendly, yet professional. We understand what it takes to make filming smooth and efficient; making the freelance experience seamless. 


Most companies need a website video for several reasons. First it adds a level of professionalism to your website and second it attracts the attention of your customer and/or reader. The number one struggle websites face is keeping your online visitors attention. Too much text and too boring of a platform is a near guarantee to send your reader to the next website. A website video is engaging and simplistic; let Media Works help design a website video to keep your website up to date, professional, and engaging. 



We pride ourselves as being one of the few companies in the local area legally certified by the FAA to fly our company drone for commercial purposes. Whatever your video needs may be, we have a certified and highly trained pilot on staff prepared to meet your needs (within the legal restraints established by the FAA). 



An outdoor video production may be considered a hard task because of many unexpected weather or background variables, but our company has learned to work with those variables. Through our 10-plus years of working in outdoor videography, we’ve gained a lot of insight on how to properly shoot video outside, in the woods, on the lake, etc. We have filmed a variety of animals, ranging from deer to duck, fish, elk and even bears. Contact us today and we'd love to get started on your outdoor filming project! 


Dance Recital

If your dance studio is looking for professional dance recital videography, Media Works is here to help. Media Works and its team has been filming dance recitals for the past 6 years and continues to produce high quality video for our clients to look back on. Whatever your needs may be, feel free to contact us today! We would love to work with you to develop a plan to film your dance recital.



Many of our clients have previously known us as Media Works Productions, yet we've recently decided to change our name to Wedding Day Films. We revamped our website and would love for you to check it out!  Visit and you’ll find more information about our wedding video services, as well as a variety of sample videos to watch and enjoy. 

Event Photography:

Does your event or company need photography and/or on-site printing? We offer many different types of on site printing and we use fast commercial printing that is instant! With 6 years of experience and 100’s of events your guests will love having photos to keep for memory sake. Customized artwork (designed for your photo border size) will be available as well as prints in 2×6, 4×6, or 6×8. We offer the use of a photo booth on site as well! Contact us today to learn more.

  • Golf Events

  • Grand Openings

  • Company Picnics

  • Christmas Parties

  • Company Anniversary Events

  • Corporate Head Shots

Conference Audio Recording: 

Is your organization looking for a company to provide audio recordings of seminars and/or workshops? We record high quality audio while offering both cd’s and/or mp3 files to your customers.  We have the capability of recording up to 15 sessions at a time with backup systems also in place.  On the spot purchasing for your customers to take home either the workshop they missed or if they want to review the information that was given in the seminar.  Quality audio recording is crucial and we work very hard so you have the best experience possible.


About Us

About Us

Our History

Media Works Productions is a premier interactive videography service company that specializes in video marketing and produces high quality videos for our clients. We have been producing videos for 6 years throughout the midwest and have grown quickly since we first started out!



Our Team



Originally, Andy started his production career filming TV episodes in the outdoor industry about 8 years ago. His passion for videography grew fast with production for TV shows on Outdoor Channel, Sportsmen Channel, and many other networks. Since starting Media Works, Andy not only continues to produce outdoor production, but many other styles and types of video production. Andy’s goal is to stay on the cutting edge of video production by using high end equipment and new evolving techniques to be able to produce the best possible videos for our clients.



Shiloh has been working for Media Works Productions since 2014. Her passion for creativity and originality fuel her video style, but her true desire is to be in front of the camera. While she waits for that dream to unfold, she continues to grow in her understanding of video production and editing. She loves being able to tell a part of people’s stories and bringing out the best in them. Video editing can be a long and difficult task, but the end product is always worth the toil.

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Becky has been working at Media Works since 2012 and has become our postproduction media expert. She has the ability to perform any task in relation to editing, animation, and graphic design.  She also has a huge passion for producing, filming, and brainstorming new concepts for our company. Ever since she was 10 years old, Becky has been writing and directing her own films. She has a passion for visual story telling, because of this she attended Winona State University and graduated with her bachelor’s degree in Broadcasting (with a minor in studio arts). Besides Media Works, Becky has been working nonstop in the media field from freelance jobs in video, photography, or graphic design to working at a video production agency in Nashville, Tennessee. During her time in Nashville, she worked on movie sets and became an editor for an Emmy nominated PBS travel show.



Alex is a filmmaker based in Minnesota’s Driftless Area who specializes in editing and visual effects. He graduated with a B.A. in Transmedia from Winona State University. Throughout the years, he has gained experience with many different types of media ranging from print, video, graphic design, and website design. He has been working professionally since 2015; editing live events, visual openers, narrative short films, and more. He has experiences in all aspects of video production as well as technical problem solving, coding, and leading a team of individuals.

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Andrew is a Winona State Business graduate with a focus in marketing and advertising. He wears several hats while working at Media Works; between sales, filming, editing, website development, and advertising he keeps busy and active. Andrew has been working in media since 2013, he has worked in job fields such as sports, newspaper, and wedding photography. As well as marketing, broadcasting, video production, and aerial photography. 


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