What We Do: 

Outdoor Video Production may be considered a hard task because of many unexpected weather or background variables, but our company has learned to work with those variables. Through our 10-plus years of working in outdoor videography, we’ve gained a lot of insight on how to properly film video outside, in the woods, on the lake, etc. We have filmed a variety of animals, ranging from deer to duck, fish, elk and even bears. Contact us today and we'd love to get started on your outdoor filming project! 

Who We've Worked With:

  • Fox Sports

  • Outdoor Channel

  • Versus

  • Local Networks in Wisconsin and Minnesota


Special Equipment Used: 

  • High Definition Cameras

  • Wireless Microphones

  • Aerial Helicopter

  • Camera Arms

  • Lighting Systems


It all started when...

Andy started his production career filming TV episodes for the outdoors about 8 years ago. His passion for videography grew fast with production for TV shows on Outdoor Channel, Sportsmen Channel and many other networks. Since starting Media Works, Andy not only continues to produce outdoor production, but many other styles and types of video production. Andy’s goal is to stay on the cutting edge of video production by using excellent equipment and new techniques to be able to produce the best videos for our clients.